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We believe in a better serum. We take time to learn your application, your goals, and identify the best product for your needs. Every customer is unique and every customer is important. Contact us and experience what we can do for you.

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EquaFETAL is readily available at significant cost savings over traditional FBS. How significant? Use the quick calculator to see the savings.

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Atlas Biological produces superior bovine serum using cGMP standards in an FDA registered facility so that customers can be confident in the quality of our products. we are a small company that provides years if industry experience in developing and providing bovine serum used in bio manufacturing, cell culture, bio pharmaceutical formulation, life science research, medical devices and diagnostics if you call our number you will get a friendly customer service representative without having to go through an automated phone system. Bovine serum comparison


Customer Feedback

We recently needed to test FBS for growth of murine primary bone marrow stem cells and macrophages. We need a serum to work for both growth of osteoblasts and osteoclasts and Fetal Reserve met our expectations. Atlas is extremely helpful selecting lots along with their support. The added bonus was ...

We have been with Atlas for 6 years. Their customer service is perfect and the quality of their serum is top notch. We recently switched to the Equafetal serum from Fetalplus and have seen no changes with a wide variety of cell types. The price of Equafetal is very attractive ...

We have been purchasing serum from Atlas Biologicals for more than 5 years and have always found the quality to be excellent. We are currently using the EquaFetal bovine serum and every cell type we have grown in its presence has thrived! In fact, when we compared the EquaFetal bovine ...

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Atlas Biologicals will provide, at no charge, 50mL samples which are representative of the 500mL bottles in a particular lot of finished serum. a reserve will be given with each sample to indicate the amount of 500mL bottles that you require for future purchase providing the sample work for your application. reserves are held for up to 1 month during sample evaluation unless upon special request.

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